Monday, July 2, 2012

taste buds...

I’ve had a change of taste…
I’m assuming (yes, I know where assuming can get you) that it’s because of the Metformin that I’ve had a change of taste. 
My sister and her husband were visiting 2 weekends ago. She makes really strong coffee. But I can handle it most of the time. This time I wasn’t a huge fan and I don’t think I drank the whole cup. And usually I love coffee! 
The next day we go to Wawa to get some coffee. Should be a great cup! Nope. Didn’t even touch it. 
So, now I’m obsessed with Chai Tea. Specifically this kind —-> 
And I wasn’t interested in my dinner last night. So I ate two bowls of cereal instead. 
I just might drive my husband crazy. 

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