Monday, August 22, 2011

Things to do...

Lets face it ladies....when you are dating, men will do anything with you! That changes a bit once you're married. 

The husband and I love to watch movies. But you can only watch so many movies with in a day/week before you're ready for something else. We've been wracking our brains lately trying to find things that are cheap (because we are the poor, young married couple) to do together. 

B works outside all day and I work inside all day. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. He tends to want to do things inside and I tend to want to do things inside. Sigh. What to do?

So, let me ask you. What do you do to entertain yourselves? (That's cheap and something couples can do). 


  1. By the time I get your target gift card to you, it will be Christmas.... ugh. That would give you something to do.

    1. We had a date night of White Castle, Krystals or Burger King because that is what we could afford... (We never eat there anymore!!!!) One night a week, we would afford those mini burgers and split a fry and drink. We would really try to make it nice too, using proper manners and all for that night. We laughed the hooey out of ourselves, pinkies up and all.
    2. Wine tasting was a good time with you.
    3. We played cards and board games and we found other couples that liked them. Skipbo, Phase 10 and Uno were some of our favorites.
    4. We played "why are they in the mall today?" Making up funny things about why people were in the mall that particular day. It would eat up and hour, watching people and making up funny voices for them, then we would buy ourselves a candy bar and split it. We tried to pick a different candy bar every week to see how many weeks we could go without getting back to a regular one/ or one we had before.
    5. We took a lot of funny pictures of ourselves with our cat, buckwheat.
    6. We went to local football games of high schools, went to free band concerts in the park and went swimming in the river.
    7. We went camping.
    If you get a calendar out and actually book your days of when one or the other is going to choose, it's a lot more fun!
    Enjoy your last week of freedom before school starts. I'm sure the fresh start is going to be fun for at least the first half of the year. Whew! The whirlwind first half.....
    Love you

  2. Today we got iced coffees and walked around the farmer's market. You can buy, or you can just try free samples. it was superb! i understand where you're coming from though! good luck!