Monday, September 5, 2011


You have to remind yourself sometimes that your husband is  boy. Men, at times, are very different from women. Well, more then "at times".

Brian doesn't indulge in things he wants very often, but when he really wants something, I try my best to get it for him.

This past thing was a remote control helicopter.

So, we went on the trip to Best Buy, after much research on his part, of course. We make a loop around the store. No helicopter in sight. We are mid-loop for the 2nd time when I ask if he wants some help. Of course, him being a man, he says no. So, I do it.

We never would have found it. It was up by the registers. Needless to say, he got his toy.

I'm not sure I love the helicopter so much. But it only last 7 minutes. Then he needs to power up again.

I guess 7 minutes of interrupting my tv show isn't so bad for a bit of enjoyment for him.

He deserves it.

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