Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 thoughts

Medicine isn't always the best, especially when it messes with your taste buds. My love for coffee went out the door when I started taking some of the meds to help with my PCOS.

But! Something cool came of it. I've switched to drinking tea. The hubs and I were walking around the mall and we stumbled across a store called Teavana. My best friend had mentioned it before, but I had forgotten about it. It's a little pricey, so I decided to think about it, only to come back to it the next day. They have some really beautiful teas and they are really tasty.

This is the blooming tea I got. 

This is me enjoying that tea :)

Onto my 2nd thought. 

I went to my specialist for an update on the PCOS. In a nutshell she told me that she couldn't do anything else for me, and the medicine I'm on isn't doing what she had hoped it would. She also told me that the clomid that I had taken (2 rounds) didn't seem to work either. She suggested that I go talk to my OB or go to an infertility specialist. I decided to talk to my OB. The nurse told me that I should continue taking the clomid and if it doesn't work by June, then we'll talk about seeing an infertility specialist. 

I don't like that I have 2 conflicting pieces of information. I decided to take another round of the clomid, but if it doesn't work I'm going to go in to talk to my OB. I don't like the fact that clomid could potentially cause cysts if I take it for too long. What is the point of taking the clomid if it isn't working? 

We shall see. I've done research. The fact is that each person is different, and there is no definite answer. 

So the answer for now is- keep praying and time will tell. 

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