Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello there!

A dear friend to me reminded me that I haven't updated this thing in a while.

I think the last time I wasn't too happy with what the nurse had told me to do with regards to the medicine. Nothing came of the dosage the nurse told me to take, so I decided to go see my OB.

I told my OB what my endocrinologist had told me (that I should go see and infertility specialist). My OB said that she pretty much felt the same what since it seemed the 100mg of clomid hadn't worked. I was a little confused because the nurse told me to stay on the 50 mg of the medicine. So then the doctor basically told me that it was a mistake and I should have already been on the 100 mg.

So, now I'm taking the 100mg of clomid and hopeful that it'll work. The doctor said that this is pretty much all she can do for me before I go see an infertility specialist. Sigh. I think the hubs and I may consider taking a break from medicine if the clomid doesn't work. We'll continue with a few rounds until I go see my OB in June. Who knows, maybe it'll work and I'll go see her before that!

So, my dear friend told me she had news. She was very sweet and trying to be sensitive to my situation because she told me she is pregnant with her 2nd. Of course I was so very happy for her! I've prayed and I try my best not to be jealous or disheartened when I find out friends and family are expecting a new bundle of joy. It really is a miracle and blessing for them, and I don't want take away from that blessing.

I'm sure anyone who has PCOS struggles with finding out when others are pregnant. We so desperately  want it to be us too. But we have to keep praying and hoping that one day it'll be us too.

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