Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to Married Life

Well this is a new adventure for me. Being a wife. Wife. I still don't think that has sunk in just yet.

Brian and I are bunking at his apartment with his roommate, hopefully only till the end of the month. So we don't have our own place just yet. So I don't think it seems real that we are married and starting our new life together just yet.

But I thought with the new beginnings of life, being a wife, it might be interesting to "blog" about my adventures of married life.

I was telling my friends at work about something that happened the other day and they said...."welcome to married life". Here's the story.

When Brian came home from work the other day, I was really into my show Game of Thrones. It comes on Sunday nights, but it's too late for me to stay up and watch. Plus, Brian and I have pretty different tastes when it comes to tv/movies and I don't think he'd like it. So, I had about 6 mins left of the show, the good part, right as it's about to end! He comes home and wants to talk, ask what's for dinner, then gets mad about the dinner choice. So I'm getting frustrated 'cause all I want to do is finish my show! You can see my logic, right? Let me finish my 6 minutes and you'll have my full attention!

Well, I guess he didn't think quite like I did and later on I found out that ticked him off. Men. lol. So, I go and start cooking dinner while he's in the shower. I made quesadillas. Brian was already mad that we weren't having fish, but I pulled out chicken a day or two before that needed to be made up. I know he wasn't in the mood to eat them, so I tried to make him "special" quesadillas with extra cheese and chicken. Thoughtful, right? (I was wrong)

Well, I'm making dinner and after he gets out of the shower he starts to play his new video game. Usually that irks me, but I knew how excited he was about the game, so I blew it off. I gave him the 2 minute warning about dinner almost being done. Then it was done. He still doesn't come out after I finished cleaning up before eating. So I start eating by myself and then tell him that I'm starting to eat by myself. He then decides to come out to eat. He eats 1/2 a quesadilla, "throws" it down and said he couldn't eat anymore.

Oh boy! My blood starts to boil now! I tell him....I cooked dinner for you! While you were in the shower and you played video games and you hardly even eat it! Then he tells me that he didn't even really want it and he told me that. I then told him that he we could do dinner separately. But we both knew that doesn't work.

Well, we stayed mad at each other for a little while more that night and then talked it through. I agreed not to make quesadillas anymore and he now knows how much it annoys me when he plays video games while I'm cooking him dinner.

And it hasn't even been two weeks!

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  1. Very much, welcome to married life! Soon he'll be thankful to just have dinner cooked. ;)