Monday, March 25, 2013

Sign of hope

Saturday I was 3 days late.

I took a prego test on Friday morning and it was negative. I wasn't surprised, but I was disappointed. The last week and a half my ladies had been really sensitive and that was new for me. For the first time since I've been on birth control, I was finally having some normal cycle symptoms.

When Saturday rolled around, I wasn't really sure what to think. I was feeling really down because I'm not prego, and I'm having these cycle symptoms with no cycle. So I had a little pity party for myself and dropped a few tears. I figured I'd give the doctor a call when I'm a week late.

Sunday morning I woke up and Aunt Flow finally arrived! I called my mom and she was sad because I wasn't prego. I was happy because that's at least a sign that the medicine is doing it's job!

I hope this month of meds will make me ovulate and we'll have better results!

I have some hope again.

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