Sunday, October 16, 2011


So, the iPhone 4 & 4s came out on Sprint! About time Sprint gets with the times!

I've been bugging the husband to switch to the plan that I share with my sister and her husband. It's going to save us about $60-70 a month. So, as soon as they announced they would have the iPhone, the husband was a little more motivated!

For the last week or so he's been gloating that he's going to have the new iPhone and it's going to drive me crazy (which it would a bit). But, my phone plan is up for a renewal in a few months, so I can wait.

Around Thursday or so, the husband confessed that he's been giving me a hard time about the phone and that he really planned on giving it to me and he'd take my old phone.

So, I got the iPhone :)

Yes, I have the best husband :) Not just because he buys me things, but because he's thoughtful and loves me unconditionally

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