Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

I have a new fascination with mason jars.

I really one some with handles, but I had to settle for 1/2 pint size jars with no handles for now.

I found this really cool website...it gives helpful hints about how to cook with mason jars. So of course I had to try!

So I made Chocolate Chip Cheesecake in a jar! I halved my recipe because I know I won't eat the whole recipe. I also thought it would be easier keeping portions with the jars.

You'll need:
10 oreos
8 tbs fat-free cream cheese
8 oz low fat cream cheese, tub style
1 cup sugar
2 tbs flour
1 cup fat free cottage cheese
2 tsp almond extract
6 large egg whites
3/4 cup mini-chocolate chips

Here's the Cast

Make sure your jars are clean (if you're using jars) if not, make sure your 9 inch spring form pan is clean. 

Crush up your oreo's really good! Again, I halved my recipe, so I use half of this (about 1/2 cup). 

Even disburse the oreos in 6 jars.

In a large bowl, put in your fat-free cream cheese. I used 4 tbs.

And your low-fat cream cheese. I used 4 ounces.

With a blender, cream them together on the lowest setting.

In another bowl, scoop out your sugar. I used 1/2 cup.

And add your flour. I use 1 tbs. Mix the two together.

Blend the sugar/flour mixture into the cream cheese...on the lowest setting.

In a blender or food processor, puree your cottage cheese. I used 1/2 cup. This was kind of hard with the small amount I had.

Blend it into your cream cheese mixture.

Add your almond extract. I use 1 tsp. I might use a little less next time. This stuff is STRONG and expensive!

Blend in your egg whites! I used 3...

Stir in your mini-chocolate chips! BUT!!! Only use half of them!!!

Put the mixture in your jars and add the rest of the chocolate chips on top!

The trick with cooking in the jars is that you have to half water around them. That's why you see my jars in dish. I heated up some water and poured it in the dish.

Cook at 325 degrees for 60 minutes!

The should be somewhat "firm" for cheese cake and puffed up.

They need to sit for about 24 hours. Of course put them in the fridge after the cool down.

I couldn't decide which was a better shot.

6 points (plus) for one jar.
I'm not sure how to convert that into calories...I never did the points plus...


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