Sunday, December 4, 2011

I can't read directions...

The Holiday's put a glitch into my adventures the last few weeks....or maybe I should failure to read directions carefully delayed me posting on schedule!

Right before Thanksgiving (I think, I have a really bad memory), I attempted to make WW Mac 'n Cheese. This is where the 1st failure to read directions got in the way. I started with all the ingredients (or at least I thought).

I made the pasta, as directed. Boiling pasta is pretty easy, right? At least I didn't mess that up. 

All was going well, until I started to add the cheese and it was all in one big clump of cheese. I went back to the recipe and then say that one of the cheese had to be american cheese in order for them to melt properly. Ooops! When I was in the grocery store I decided not to get the american cheese because I couldn't find any that was shredded (note, it doesn't exists). Soon to find out, I wasted a batch of mac n' cheese because I can't read fine print directions. Lesson all the directions carefully! 

After I went back and added the american cheese, it was quite delicious. I recommend it! 

That was last weeks cooking adventures...onto this week!

After the fiasco of missing ingredients, I decided to bring my WW cookbook with me to avoid anymore disasters. Disaster was avoided, but mistakes were not! 

I decided to make Pumpkin Soup this week. I had all of the spices, so it wasn't too expensive. Salt, ground cinnamon, white pepper, nutmeg and ginger. 

Here was the rest that I needed: pumpkin, chicken broth, evaporated FF milk and I used butternut squash (not shown), but it was really supposed to be turnips (which was my mistake...but I didn't see turnips in the frozen isle anyway). 

It was pretty had to head up the butternut squash on the stove. I ended up getting it all over my kitchen because it apparently flings really easy! I don't recommend that lol 

Then I pretty much added all the other ingredients except the milk (the broth and pumpkin was already mixed in at this point). 

I slowly added in the milk and heated it up! 

Pretty easy! But! I have to wasn't to my liking in the taste department. 

If you are someone who doesn't like to break the rules...stop reading now! 

I added a few spoons full of sugar to sweeten it up a bit. I thought it was a little bitter without it and I don't think I could have eaten that for 4 days. 

Onto baking cookies! That aren't just can't make good cookies without butter! lol 

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  1. So, I have Mac & Cheese Recipe that turns about to be 9 WWpp, but it's good enough to eat for a meal. (just add a salad for the side -- I'll send it your way if you want!).

    My fiasco of the week: the chicken and dumplings recipe I used called for 4 biscuits. I thought it meant 4 TUBES. Whoops!